It is with great sorrow that we are struck with such loss and heart­break during this unpar­al­leled time from losing not only a colleague but also a friend.

Hearing of the death of a fellow colleague is truly incon­ceiv­able and we are saddened as we join you in mourning the loss Kurt Julian. We know that his passing will not only leave a void in our lives, but in the hearts of all those who knew him.

We hope you take some comfort in these messages of sympathy and support from our nursing colleagues across the state.

We are devas­tated to hear about Kurt’s death. We know he was a good and thoughtful man. He was on the front­lines battling this pandemic for his commu­nity and colleagues. Kurt showed heroism in his profes­sional practice. He put his own life on the line to care for patients through this COVID 19 virus. Evergreen­Health nurses, his family and friends have experi­enced a painful loss. The loss of one of our own regis­tered nurses is devas­tating. We will miss him. It is with heart­felt sadness. We send bless­ings to all who have been touched by Kurt’s life and affected by his loss in our commu­nity.” In Sympathy, Lynnette Vehrs, Presi­dent, WSNA

So sorry to hear of this loss. My thoughts and prayers are with his family in this time of sorrow. May God put a hand on their shoul­ders to ease their pain. As a front­line worker, it’s scary to think of what could happen to all of us. Hope they find a vaccine that works soon to prevent anymore tragedy. God bless. Sending deepest sympathy, heart­felt thoughts and prayers to Kurt’s family and loved ones. Honoring his service, dedica­tion and excel­lence.” Laura, RN, Seattle Children’s

Dearest fellow nurses and family of Kurt, I wish with all of my heart I could hug each and every one of you, taking away the pain of his loss for even a moment. I am praying for each of you and hoping you may find comfort in memories of your time with him and all the wonderful contri­bu­tions he made to this world. While you will carry with each of you the loss of such an incred­ible man and nurse, know that he lives on in every person he knew. 🌷❤🙏🏻” Sincerely, Shannon Fawcett RN, UW Medical Center

We are very sad and feel your loss. It is hard to lose one of our nurses to this Corona Virus after showing up every day without fear and take head-on this deadly virus to take care of all our patients. As nurses, we feel the pain each time we see and hear another nurse losing life at this time. We are sending our condo­lences to you all and Kurt’s family for the loss, pain, and disap­point­ment. We will keep you in our prayers. May his soul rest in peace. With sympathy”, Immac­u­late Mukasa and Mary Mukasa UW Medical Center-North­west Hospital

I am deeply saddened by the passing of your loved one while trying to help others. My sympa­thies and Condo­lences go to your Family and his Colleagues at the Evergreen Hospital! My prayers to all who knew or touched him!” Sincerely, Joyce Makori, RN at Kindred Hospital

”“I am so very sorry for the loss of your colleague and friend. I can only imagine how diffi­cult this must be for you for all. I hope that you are able to find some comfort during these diffi­cult times in the wonderful memories that you have of Kurt.” To his Family ” I am so very sorry for the loss of your husband and father. May you find some comfort in wonderful memories during this diffi­cult time.” Sincerely, Carolyn Clark, RN. King County Correc­tional Facility

I am deeply sorry for your loss. A true hero. May time bring you beautiful memories and comfort.” Michelle RN/​Hospice

Dear Family and Friends of Kurt. I am so sorry for your loss. I am deeply indebted to his service and bravery in this epic fight against a silent but deadly enemy. Please accept my sincere prayer for you all.” Kathy Dennis RNC, Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane WA

It is a feeling of support to see the loyalty we as nurses feel so strongly for each other. I wish this strong embrace could be for the world every single day. In times of sorrow like this when we lose a family member, friend, fellow colleague it reminds us how precious we all are. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am so very sorry for your loss.” Janie Patterson, RN-CEN

To my nursing family at Evergreen: Loosing a member of our staff is never easy. It’s even harder when it’s one of our own. My heart is heavy right now. You lost a colleague, a friend, and a brother. Please know that you are not alone. We are all in this together. You are in my thoughts and prayers.” Josette Pierre-Antoine UWMC, RN

I’m so sorry to hear about Kurt’s death. I’m a nurse at VM and not on the front line of COVID; I am working with patients. I’m so grateful to the nurses taking care of COVID patients. The sacri­fices of the nurses and their families in doing this have been implicit so far. Now that Kurt and some others have died, the risks are becoming more explicit. Thank you Kurt and your family, for doing the good work you did. Your sacri­fice was the highest anyone can make and more than we should be asking of nurses. I cannot imagine the profound feelings of grief, irony, sadness, and loss you must be feeling. I hope you find peace eventu­ally. Much love to Kurt and his family.” Lindsey Beadle, RN MN CPAN Virginia Mason Medical Center Jones 5 Proce­dure Unit

To the family of Kurt Julian. I salute his bravery and deter­mi­na­tion, one nurse to another. We wake up knowing that it may be dangerous to go to work but we go anyway because that’s what we do, that’s the promise we made when we became Nurses. Do our best, to care for and respect those in our care. To not give up. May his bravery shine as a light to others. I’m so sorry for your loss.” Saudia Yhann, R.N. Seattle Children’s Hospital NICU.

You’re a Hero gone in this world! Thank you for helping lend your hands taking care of sick people. We Salute You!!’ No words can describe my sadness for your family and loved ones! May your soul Rest in Peace Kurt…😞 Please give my condo­lences to all the Nurses at Evergreen.” Marissa Bendebel

I can’t imagine how incred­ibly hard it was to take care of one of your own”, and especially hard with this outcome. Know that you all made a differ­ence for him and his wife. I work at VM, where his wife is one of our own CCU nurses. Thank you for all you do, stay strong.” Kari Benning, RN Virginia Mason Medical Center

I am a RN at UWMC North­west campus, and I am feeling numb in hearing the loss of any nurse in the line of duty. I didn’t go into nursing thinking this career could actually hurt or kill me”. This is a vocation of service to help others in my simple mind. It’s scary to walk the same COVID path as your fallen NURSE hero Kurt. My condo­lences to his family both profes­sional and personal. Let’s not let his death or any nurse’s death on the job” be just a number. I mourn with you all and celebrate this member. Lesley Clarke RN

I’m very sorry for the loss of Kurt. I’m sure he was brave and helpful as a nurse and a friend. Sending positive love and light” Kacee, RN, BSN

I’m so sorry for the loss of Kurt. I’m sending prayers for peace at this incred­ibly diffi­cult time” Kathryn Rittweger

I am so sorry for your loss. Kyla at Skagit Hospital in Mt. Vernon. Kyla Marie

My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time of sorrow.” Amita Henderson, ICU Nurse

I am so sorry for your loss!” Jack Carico RN, Walla Walla State Veterans Home

My condo­lences to Julians family and friends, he lived and died a hero, may you find peace, may he rest in eternity. Hugs and prayers especially to the wife and kids, you are in our thoughts and prayers, may you find comfort
Margaret Mburu

Please give my deepest condo­lences to Kurt’s family and colleagues. I will be thinking of them and praying for strength.” Tara J. Lordan, Spokane, WA

Dear family and friends of Kurt, we grieve with you in his passing. Sending you love and peace from your fellow RNs in Spokane.” Joni Driskell, Sacred Heart Medical Center

To the Evergreen nurses: thank you for all your work on the front­line. You’re making life easier for everyone, including the nursing commu­nity, by your dedica­tion in the face of something terri­fying. To Kurt’s family: I am so sorry for your loss at this very strange time in the world. Even though I never knew him, I know he made a differ­ence. Thank you for loving and supporting him and his work. Kelsey Moore, Pediatric Nurse at Seattle Children’s Hospital”

My sincerest condo­lences for the death of Kurt due to COVID-19. I, also I am an RN in my 60s having practiced nursing for over 40 years. It breaks my heart to think of what you are going through, and I want you to know that you were in my thoughts and prayers. May God wrap his arms around you and comfort you in this tremen­dous loss.” Anne Hooper

Please extend my condo­lences to Kurt’s wife and children during this diffi­cult time. Nursing is a career where putting the care of others first is a natural exten­sion of our calling into this field. I hope Kurt can be remem­bered in all that he did caring for others during this pandemic. I am so sorry for your loss.” Karen Roeske, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Peace­Health South­west Washington Medical Center Family Birth Center RN“

I’m so sorry for your loss!” Chuck Gable