Your bargaining team achieved a first agreement!

June 21, 2019
12:30 to 4 p.m.
Frese­nius Confer­ence Room at St. Joseph Medical Ctr — Tacoma

Your bargaining team recom­mends a 
YES vote!

Great news – your negoti­ating team reached a tenta­tive agree­ment for a first collec­tive bargaining agree­ment with Frese­nius. It’s been a long and diffi­cult negoti­a­tion, but with your support we have accom­plished many impor­tant goals. Your Committee is proud to unani­mously recom­mend a YES vote!

First contracts are always diffi­cult to achieve. Your team stood toe to toe with manage­ment to reach an agree­ment that achieves major goals, including general wage increases of 2.5% per year, a prorated $1000 signing bonus, just cause protec­tion to prevent unfair disci­pline, seniority rights and much more. While we have yet to reach all our objec­tives in this first agree­ment, major steps have been taken to secure future improve­ments and estab­lish your right to have your collec­tive voice heard!

Full copies of the draft agree­ment will be avail­able at ratifi­ca­tion for review. Your WSNA negoti­ating team will also be there to help answer any questions. Come to the ratifi­ca­tion vote to find out more!

Highlights include:


  • Across the Board Wage Increases – 2.5% in the first full pay period after ratifi­ca­tion, 2.5% for the second year and 2.5% for the third year.
  • Signing Bonus – One thousand dollars ($1000) prorated to hours worked.
  • Overtime – OT pay for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week.
  • Float Pay – Nurses assigned off their home clinics will receive a 15% premium.
  • Preceptor Pay – Nurses will receive an extra $1.50 per hour to precept other nurses.
  • Weekend Differ­en­tial – Nurses working weekends will receive a 10% differential.
  • Shift Differ­en­tials – Evening hours will include a 7% differ­en­tial, and night shift will include a 10% differential.
  • Charge Nurse – Inpatient nurses assigned charge duties will receive a 5% differential.
  • Rest Between Shifts – Nurses who do not receive 11 hours between shifts will work the entire following shift with overtime pay.
  • Report Pay – Nurses not notified of low census 1.5 hours before their start time will receive a minimum of three hours report pay.
  • Contin­uing Educa­tion – CEU payments of $500 for full-time and $350 for part-time each year.
  • Rest Breaks – RNs will receive rest breaks per new policy and limited payment for missing them.


  • Medical and Life Insur­ance – Nurses who work in excess of 30 hours per week will receive per Company Policy.
  • Retire­ment – Nurses will partic­i­pate in the Company’s 401(k) plan.
  • PTO – Nurses will accrue and may be able to cash out PTO.
  • Holidays – Nurses will receive 6 holidays per year.
  • Sick Leave – Regular and extended illness benefits will be a contract right.
  • Tuition Reimburse­ment – Reimburse­ment for approved classes.
  • Profes­sional Associ­a­tion Fees – Payment of 50% up to a maximum $500 per year.

Effec­tive Union Representation

  • WSNA Unit Repre­sen­ta­tives – Both Inpatient and Clinics will include WSNA-trained repre­sen­ta­tives to protect your rights and assure you are repre­sented in meetings with management.
  • Nurse Practice Committee – Manage­ment will be confronted with issues you face on the job. Your officers, with WSNA support, will advocate your inter­ests with Manage­ment at quarterly Nurse Practice Committee meetings.
  • Staffing – Staffing will be addressed in WSNA-Manage­ment meetings by your officers and supported by WSNA’s new online form to document unsafe working conditions.
  • Just Cause – Protects you from unjust disci­pline and requires use of progres­sive disci­pline. Union repre­sen­ta­tion is provided throughout the griev­ance proce­dure and, if neces­sary, arbitra­tion before a neutral third-party arbitrator.

Your New Rights on the Job

  • Griev­ance-Arbitra­tion Proce­dure – Access to the griev­ance proce­dure in which any viola­tions of the Agree­ment can be raised to Manage­ment with union repre­sen­ta­tion and binding arbitration.
  • Low Census Order – Provides for low censusing agency workers and others before regular full and part time nurses, who will be low censused on an equitable rotating basis.
  • Seniority – Protec­tion from layoff and recog­ni­tion of seniority in promotions.
  • Access to Personnel Files – You have a right to see all the infor­ma­tion manage­ment possesses regarding you and your employment.
  • Schedule Posting – Right to have sched­ules posted at least 14 days in advance.
  • Proba­tionary Period – Ordinarily limited to 90 days, after which you are protected by just cause from unfair discipline.
  • Weekend Shifts – Manage­ment commits to equitable rotation of Saturday assign­ments subject to business needs.
  • Floating Between Clinics – Full and part time clinic nurses will be floated only after float and per diem nurses, and then on an equitable rotating basis.
  • Call Shifts – Manage­ment commits to equitable rotation of assign­ments of call shifts.
  • New Associ­a­tion Member­ship Requirement – Nurses will be required to join as members of WSNA or remain non-members and pay a fair share fee to support your team’s efforts, ensuring the growth and strength of your collec­tive voice moving forward. WSNA Member­ship appli­ca­tions will be avail­able at the vote.

Your Bargaining Team Recom­mends a YES vote on June 21, 2019!

Time: 12:30 to 4 p.m.

Place: Frese­nius Confer­ence Room at St Joseph Medical Center Tacoma

Come, join WSNA and VOTE!