Kindred Hospital Seattle - Northgate

Payroll update

WSNA is aware that many, if not all, nurses did not receive their full paychecks this week. Kindred management has relayed the following information:

  • If your missing pay was more than $150 gross - payroll was processed, and the money was distributed. Most payments were made by direct deposits and any live checks are being overnighted to the employees' homes for delivery tomorrow.
  • Those whose gross would be less than $150 did have hours loaded, and those will pay on the next regular payroll. These adjustments should make them whole for the stub period of 6/10-6/18 and the first full pay period of 6/19-7/2.

If you do not receive your missing pay as per above, please contact your WSNA nurse rep., Sara Frey.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Sara Frey at or 206-575-7979, ext. 3039.

Kindred Northgate negotiations update

WSNA members at Kindred Northgate met with Kindred representatives on Wednesday to negotiate the impacts of the closure of the hospital. While we are disappointed with the employer’s unwillingness to respect the service and contributions of the nurses at Northgate, we are continuing to work towards an agreement to lessen the impact of this very difficult situation.

In the meantime, please remember that Kindred is looking to fill positions at First Hill in the very near future. If you are interested in going to work at First Hill, please go the hospital website and indicate your interest. You need not, and should not, wait for the completion of the pending negotiations to indicate your interest. The decision to move to First Hill is a personal decision and those who wish to do so should act as soon as possible. You do not need to take action if you are not planning to go to First Hill.

We will keep you updated on the current negotiations.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Sara Frey at

Update  -  Kindred Northgate closure effects bargaining

Your effects bargaining team will be sitting down with your employer this next Wednesday, June 26, to bargain over the effects of the Kindred Northgate closure. If you have comments, questions or concerns related to what you would like to see provided by your employer in a severance package, contact one of the team members or you WSNA Nurse Rep. Please reach out ASAP to one of them to provide your ideas in advance of the meeting.

At this time, we have not received any further information from Kindred so unfortunately, we do not have any other details to provide.

Your Effects Bargaining Team - Buddha Shrestha, Joyce Makori, Kanna Teferi and Meaza Tegegne

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Sara Frey at

Kindred Northgate closing - important information from WSNA

Yesterday, WSNA was notified by Kindred that it will be closing the Northgate location. We also understand that notices were given to employees at the same time. In the upcoming weeks, WSNA will be working closely with your officers and several other nurses to represent you during this period. We will be arranging to meet with management to bargain over the effects of the hospital’s decision on you. We want to hear from you to determine how we can best minimize the impact of this closure on nurses and our families. We understand this is likely a distressing time and will work to get information to you as quickly as it becomes available. If we do not have your current private email address, please contact your Nurse Rep, Sara Frey, with an update.

If you have questions, concerns or comments, please reach out.

Sara Frey, Nurse Representative
206-575-7979, ext. 3039

Announcing changes in WSNA nurse representative

Please welcome WSNA Nurse Representative Sara Frey, JD, BSN, RN. Beginning Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018, Sara will be taking over all new issues as they arise at Kindred Northgate. I will finish up most outstanding matters to their conclusion and assist Sara in the coming months as needed.

Sara can be reached at or 206-575-7979, ext. 3039.

It has been a pleasure working with all of the Kindred Northgate RNs for the past three years. I am continuing my work here at WSNA in public affairs. I will miss the Kindred Northgate nurses but know you will be in good hands with Sara.

All my best to you,

Travis Elmore, BSN, RN, RN-BC
WSNA Public Affairs Associate Director
206-575-7979, ext. 3117

Announcing your new local unit officers!

Ballots have been counted and your new local unit officers have been duly elected by the nurses. Take a moment to congratulate and thank them for representing you and for running your local unit.

Co-Chairs: Joyce Makori & Rachel Daza
Secretary: Buddha Shrestha
Grievance officers: Joyce Makori & Rachel Daza

If you have questions about the contract or your working conditions, please contact WSNA Nurse Rep Travis Elmore at 206-575-7979 ext. 3117 or at


Your new contract is online!

The new WSNA/Kindred contract is now online! Visit the Contracts & Documents tab to review it.

Our new contract outlines the new step system, wage increases and hospital staffing. View it for more details!

If you would like a paper copy, please contact WSNA Nurse Representative Travis Elmore at 1(800) 231-8482, ext. 3117 or at

About your contract...


The RNs said yes!

On April 18, RNs voted on the Kindred Northgate contract proposal. The proposal has been ratified by the nurses.

Thanks you!

You are WSNA!

Your Negotiation Team: Kanna Teferi, Joyce Makori, Sushila Shiwakoti, Buddha Shrestha, Meaza Tegegne, Myhanh Nguyen, Eta Shrestha, Aditi KC, Yojana Ghimire, Saira Pradhanang

You can contact WSNA Nurse Representative Travis Elmore at 1 (800) 231-8482, ext. 3117 or

Be there for your contract vote!

Thanks to the hard work of the nurses, we have reached a Tentative Agreement on a contract! Your negotiation team recommends a yes vote!

The vote will occur on April 18, 2018 in the Education Room!

There will be two voting session: 6:30-8:30 a.m. and 6-8 p.m.

You must be a WSNA member in good standing to vote on the contract.

You are WSNA!

Your WSNA Negotiating Team Members: Kanna Teferi, Joyce Makori, Sushila Shiwakoti, Buddha Shrestha, Meaza Tegegne, Myhanh Nguyen, Eta Shrestha, Aditi KC, Yojana Ghimire, Saira Pradhanang

Contact Nurse Rep Travis Elmore at 1 (800) 231-8482, ext. 3117 or

Contract negotiation update

Kindred Hospital administration has agreed to another meeting with the Federal Mediator on April 3, 2018 at 9 a.m. We need as many of you as possible to be present at the negotiation table to advocate for a fair contract! The location for the meeting with the Federal Mediator will be at their office:

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
2001 6th Avenue
Suite 2500
Seattle, WA 98121

In the coming days we will be reaching out to you to hear more about your thoughts and concerns and to discuss the current state of contract negotiations.

Your negotiation team is asking all RN’s to wear “I AM WSNA” pins on April 3 and 4 to show you stand in solidarity for a fair contract!

In Solidarity,

Your WSNA Negotiating Team Members: Joyce Makori, Li Zhang, Yojana Ghimire, Kanna Teferi, Pia Almajano and Buddah Shrestha

WSNA Nurse Representative Travis Elmore can be reached at 1 (800) 231-8482, ext. 3117 or

You are WSNA!

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Img 0460

Emergency member meeting!

WSNA RN members at Northgate have voted to reject the tentative agreement reached by the parties. In light of this vote, the contract will NOT go into effect. An emergency meeting of the WSNA RN membership at Northgate is scheduled for Feb. 13, 2018 from 6 - 8 p.m. in the Education Room.

It is very important that you attend this meeting to discuss the next steps in the fight for a fair contract for the nurses at Northgate.

Please continue to wear the pins, badge holders and use the WSNA pens to show your support for a fair contract!

In Solidarity,

Travis ElmoreWSNA Nurse Representative 1(800) 231-8482, ext. 3117 |

You are WSNA!

We have a tentative agreement on a contract!

After months of negotiating, we can announce that we have reached a tentative agreement on a contract! Your bargaining team recommends this contract for ratification.

Summary of 2018 Tentative Agreement

New Step system:

Upon ratification of the new agreement, Kindred will implement a new wage scale with a base wage of $29.00 (current is $28.21) and a top Step 31 of $55.43 (current is $54.67). The new scale will guarantee a 2% step adjustment every year until you reach Step 31. Upon ratification, nurses will move to the step that is above and closest to your current wage.

Wage increases:

The bargaining team fought long and hard to win the best possible wage increases. While the raises negotiated into this contract leave Northgate nurses behind the wage market, the bargaining team believes that the increases represent the best possible outcome in light of the hospital’s current economic circumstances.

  • Aug. 25, 2018 – 0.75%
  • Aug. 25, 2019 – 1.25%
  • Aug. 25, 2020 – 1.0%

Nurses will receive these raises on your anniversary when you move receive your Step increase.

Ratification bonus:

Upon ratification of the contract, nurses will receive the following one-time bonus:

  • Full time nurse – $400
  • Part time nurse – $200
  • Per diem nurse – $100

Hospital staffing:

The hospital has agreed to recognize the important voice of Northgate RNs in determining the appropriate staffing at the hospital. As a result, the hospital in compliance with Washington state law, will form a Staffing Committee comprised of 50 percent WSNA nurses to determine the appropriate staffing plan for the hospital and to resolve the complaint of any nurse regarding hospital staffing. Nurses who serve on the Staffing Committee will do so on paid work time. The hospital will not counsel, discipline or discriminate against any nurse who makes a complaint to the Staffing Committee regarding hospital staffing.

Other contract improvements:

  • Increase of Temporary Assignment Premium from $2.50/hour to $2.60/hour.
  • Improvement in discipline language – Disciplines cannot be used against an employee after 12 months of no reoccurrence and final warnings cannot be used against an employee after 24 months of no reoccurrence.
  • Language to help Northgate nurses strengthen your union at Northgate – Dedicated time for new employee orientation and updated language regarding the roster information provided by the hospital to the union.
  • Language allowing your WSNS nurse representative to attend meetings of the Conference Committee.

Additional changes:

  • The hospital may present employees with gifts (e.g. Holiday Turkeys, years of service awards) without creating a binding past practice.
  • The hospital may offer bonuses to employees so long as the bonuses are fair and equitable and the hospital does not engage in favoritism.
  • The employee handbook will be incorporated into the contract.
  • A nurse who is low censused out of turn will move to the end of the low census rotation.

Take backs avoided:

The hospital aggressively sought significant take backs from the benefits currently held by Northgate nurses. The hospital continued to push for many of the take backs up to the last day of negotiations. Because of the efforts of your bargaining team, the following changes will not occur:

  • The hospital attempted to eliminate overtime for work after an employee’s shift.
  • The hospital attempted to reduce the number of paid holidays from eight (8) to six (6).
  • The hospital attempted to remove pay in lieu of benefits from the last two (2) employees who remain eligible for this benefit.

Your bargaining team listened to your concerns and interests. We worked hard to represent your needs to the hospital at the bargaining table. We recommend that members vote to ratify this contract and we hope that you will join us as we organize ourselves to work with the new ownership of the hospital to make Northgate Hospital a healthcare facility that best meets the needs of our patients, our community and ourselves.

The vote will occur on Jan. 30, 2018 in the Education Room.

There will be three (3) voting sessions:

  • 7—8:30 a.m.
  • 11:30 a.m.—1:30 p.m.
  • 5:30—7:30 p.m.

You must be a WSNA member in good standing to vote on the contract.

Thank you for your support during these difficult negotiations!

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Travis Elmore, WSNA Nurse Representative at 1 (800) 231-8482, ext. 3117 or