Your WSNA officers worked very hard to secure a bonus pay agree­ment with leader­ship at Skagit. We recog­nize and appre­ciate the many hours and sacri­fices you all have made during this pandemic. We also recog­nize that many have gone above and beyond during this time without additional compen­sa­tion. We are pleased to announce that an agree­ment has been reached concerning the offering of BONUS shifts.

We encourage EVERYONE to read through this thoroughly. 

Everyone at WSNA and your elected WSNA officers all say a heart­felt Thank you for every­thing you have done and continue to do daily to care for our commu­nity. Please stay safe and stay healthy! 

Liz Rainaud, MSN, RN – Local Unit Chair:
Jessica Googe, RN – Local Unit Secre­tary
Hannah Guy, BSN RN – Local Unit Treasurer
Kristi Perez, RN CMSRN – Local Unit Griev­ance Officer
Cheryl Pedersen, RN – Local Unit Griev­ance Officer
Rachel Yates, RN – Local Unit Co-Membership

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Sue Dunlap at