Your leader­ship team is still in discus­sion about the proposed changes to nurses’ health­care benefits and cost of premiums. It has come to our atten­tion that leader­ship has indicated WSNA is holding up” the imple­men­ta­tion of benefit changes. Please note this is flagrantly not true. Leader­ship is in discus­sion with multiple unions about this issue as the effects of this change will be felt throughout the hospital and ALL have concerns. We are currently looking at a date to meet with manage­ment and work through this discus­sion.

Our goal is to maintain the best possible health­care coverage for our nurses and their families. We will provide you with updates but feel free to reach out to any of your officers with concerns or questions or email your nurse repre­sen­ta­tive Sue Dunlap at and we will continue to advocate for you.

Liz Rainaud, MSN, RN, Local Unit Chair:
Jessica Googe, RN, Secre­tary
Hannah Guy, BSN RN, Treasurer
Kristi Perez, RN CMSRN, Secre­tary / Griev­ance Officer
Cheryl Pedersen, RN, Griev­ance Officer
Rachel Yates, RN, Co-Member­ship