Your local WSNA leader­ship team received the Memorandum from Brian Ivie late Wednesday after­noon at the same time all employees receive it. We have NOT entered into discus­sions with leader­ship regarding the mentioned reduc­tion in labor hours NOR the furlough option. Your employer has an oblig­a­tion to bargain with us over anything related to Hours, Wages and Working condi­tions. We are in the process of compelling them to do this and we are reaching out to Brian Ivie directly.


Please note the following section of your contract:

7.2 Normal Workday. The normal workday shall consist of eight (8) hours, ten (10) hours or twelve (12) hours, plus an unpaid meal period of one-half (½) hour. Any change from one normal workday to another normal workday or to the starting or ending time of a nurse’s normal workday shall be mutually agree­able between the nurse and the nurse’s manager/​supervisor.

If you are being offered a 4 or 6 hour shift please note that is NOT recog­nized as a shift”.


Please see the contract language below regarding low census. Staff are encour­aged to follow up verbal agree­ments over the phone with an email to the appro­priate staff that verifies in writing what was agreed to verbally. Please be clear with your manager or sched­uler or other autho­rized employee, i.e. yes I will work Saturday the _​_​_​_​and I am NOT waiving the second weekend premium pay.”

11.2 Low Census The Employer shall continue its efforts to provide at least two (2) hours prior notice of low census day off. Low census call will be volun­tary whenever feasible.

Where skill, ability, experi­ence, compe­tence or quali­fi­ca­tions are not overriding factors as deter­mined by the Employer on the basis of relevant criteria, low census days will be rotated equitably among all nurses, registry nurses first, then nurses receiving time and one-half or double time overtime/​premium except those nurses working a sched­uled shift, per diem staff and part time staff working an extra shift…

Nurses may also be offered the option or may be assigned to float to areas where they are needed, quali­fied and recently oriented on the basis of the nurse having completed a written technical skills check­list for the area, or to be oriented to a new area, or to take an indirect patient care assign­ment. Floating is primarily intended to be used to address fluctu­a­tions in census and employee absences. No nurse shall be required to float more than twice per shift. Regular full-time and part-time nurses will be given priority over casual and/​or per diem nurses for filling regularly sched­uled staffing needs provided the full-time or part-time nurse is avail­able and skill, ability, experi­ence, compe­tence or quali­fi­ca­tion are not overriding factors as deter­mined by the Employer on the basis of relevant criteria.

Manda­tory low census will be limited to no more than forty-eight (48) hours per nurse per six (6) month period. Gener­ally low census is house wide, meaning there is only one 48 hour cap. Except that there shall be no such limit for nurses in a unit that has been mutually agreed by WSNA and SRH to be identi­fied as a closed” unit. Low Census hours will be tracked by the Employer but nurses who believe they have reached their cap and do not want to be low censused must notify the individual advising them of the low census assign­ment at the time the need for low census is being identi­fied. The nurse may request of their manager or nursing office staff to deter­mine accumu­lated low census hours and the nurse’s place in rotation in relation to other core staff on his/​her unit.

Your complete contract can be found on this web page.

As always contact one of your local unit team for questions or email sue Dunlap Nurse Rep at

Liz Rainaud MSN, RN – Local Unit Chair:

Jessica Googe RN — Secretary

Hannah Guy BSN RN Treasurer

Kristi Perez RN CMSRN Secre­tary / Griev­ance Officer

Alice Riddle RN — Member­ship

Cheryl Pedersen RN – Griev­ance Officer

Rachel Yates RN – Co-Member­ship