We are seeing an increase in respi­ra­tory illnesses and covid patients! And once again we are hearing concerns about PPE – adequacy, avail­ability and use. Your family and your patients need you healthy! Your co-workers need you healthy!

WSNA has once again been in commu­ni­ca­tion with manage­ment to advocate for adequate PPE for everyone providing patient care. Addition­ally, WSNA has been advocating at the state level and have had success in obtaining legisla­tive orders to protect health­care workers.

Once again, we need to hear from you and what you are really facing daily. The best way is the online ADO form www​.wsna​.org/ado which has categories for equip­ment (unlike the nurse staffing form used inter­nally). Addition­ally, you can email any of your officers or your nurse rep directly!

Each of you is critical to the health of the commu­nity! Let’s work together to keep you safe and healthy.

In unity,
Liz Rainaud MSN, RN – Local Unit Chair:
Jessica Googe RN — Secre­tary
Hannah Guy BSN RN Treasurer
Kristi Perez RN CMSRN Secre­tary / Griev­ance Officer
Cheryl Pedersen RN – Griev­ance Officer
Rachel Yates RN – Co-Member­ship

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Sue Dunlap at sdunlap@wsna.org.