Negotiation update

The third contract bargaining session was on Tuesday, June 5. 

We have been trying to set a tone in these negoti­a­tions that will facil­i­tate an open dialogue between WSNA and Skagit manage­ment. While we have reached tenta­tive agree­ments on several minor issues, we are a long way from agree­ment on major issues including safe staffing, rest and meal breaks and economics. 

This week, we spent time explaining to manage­ment why nurses need to be able to take their meal and rest breaks without compro­mising patient care. We hope manage­ment heard our concerns and will act on those concerns. 

What is also concerning is manage­ment’s proposal to poten­tially reopen the contract and renego­tiate health­care and retire­ment benefits during the life of the contract. We are here to bargain these issues now.

We all have a role in these negoti­a­tions. If we are going to get the best contract possible, we need to show Skagit that we stand in solidarity and that all the Skagit nurses are in support of the negoti­a­tion team. 

  1. Wear a WSNA button every shift. This is how we show support and solidarity. 
  2. Clock and report all missed breaks. We are telling them this is an impor­tant issue. If you don’t report it, they believe it’s not impor­tant to you. 
  3. Attend the drop-in meeting on Tuesday, June 12 from 4:30 p.m. — 8 p.m. at Round Table Pizza (115 E College Way). 

* For those who are unable to attend the drop-in meeting, contact WSNA Nurse Organizer Sydne James at 206 – 575-7979, ext. 3004 to find out what you missed and how you can help. 

They want to wear us down. We will wear THEM down! 

In solidarity,

Sue O’Donnell (WSNA Nurse Rep), Peter Moore (MPC), Rachel Yates (MPC), Jessica Knutzen (Float Pool), Alice Riddle (IV Therapy), Alyssa Stirpe (Stanwood), Liz Rainaud (FBC) and Randi Dykstra (Case Management)